Refreshing Faith

I had a great conversation with two newer young (recently married) people after Church on Sunday. Given my sermon I figured I would get some interesting feedback. What I found in these two was a couple hungry for the truth and deeply in love with their Savior! These two recent converts to The Faith, demonstrated how they are on the front lines of several major forces that work to contravene both the truth of our bodies but also the truth of Jesus Christ. I could not have been more encouraged as they demonstrated their resolve to love people while not giving up the Scriptural truth!

Moreover, they mentioned how they were spending some time with Jehovah’s Witnesses (from here on JW’s) and they really wanted to show them that Jesus is truly God (something JW’s deny). One thing JW’s (and other cult-like groups) do is they have their position handed to them, and then they go on into the Bible (their own fairly changed translation of the Bible) to confirm their already formed beliefs. It is easy to walk into the pages of the Bible and pick verses that already agree with us. But, as Christians we are supposed to take a different route (a more fully human and honest route). We go on into the Bible and begin to form our beliefs from its content and not the other way around. We are not supposed to be building grand echo chambers, but rather a vibrant relationship with God formed on Truth.

Well, enough said there. I was greatly encouraged Sunday (and I have not even mentioned the Baptism’s!!). Let’s be praying for young people like those baptized and those I chatted with to be powerful light bearers in our sometimes dim lit society.

3 thoughts on “Refreshing Faith

  1. David Haupt says:

    That is well said, and why it is important to go back to the birth of the church as recorded in the book of Acts to know how to have a first hand vibrant relationship with our God and Savoir Jesus Christ. The book of Acts records the new birth experience as our new beginning in our relationship with God.

    • Pastor Isaac Fleming says:

      Hello David,

      Thanks for writing. Yes, I do think seeing the Pentecost/beginnings of the church can help refresh the church. I also think we need to have a renaissance of classical Christian thinking and theology…but that is another conversation. Blessings


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