Testimony – Amy

To my Precious Family at Living Water Church, 

For those of you that may not know me, I am currently serving as a worship leader and on the prayer team at church.

I wanted to share what God has been doing in my life with each of you today. 

Before I share my God story, I want to give all praise to Him.  It’s nothing about me, but His kindness and love towards me.  His obvious voice to me.  His way He spoke to me….like no other God could do…and to be obedient to that voice.  

Here is my God story: 

I have been on a journey over the past couple of months.  For those of you that know me and my relationship with the Lord, I always want to hear and be obedient to what the Holy Spirit is speaking to my heart.  I want to be listening and following His direction in my life.  

At the end of June, the Holy Spirit was beginning something in my life…that I was unaware of at the time.  My husband and I attended our dear friend son’s wedding in MN.  While packing for this trip, I put together a bag of different pairs of shoes to wear – around 4-5 pairs.  When I came back from our trip, I started to look for that bag of shoes.  I asked my husband and he said he didn’t remember loading that bag of shoes in the car.  Frantically, I called both of the hotels where we stayed and no one had turned them into the lost and found.  

 When I was meeting with my friend for prayer that next day, she said, “Amy, I have a word for you about your shoes.  The Lord is saying, you are not going to get your shoes back.  New shoes are in your future.  He has new shoes for your feet.  The old is gone and the new is here.” 

To explain, when a word is given about shoes, it talks and points to direction and where you are going to go for Him (your feet/direction) and His purposes for your life (mission trip, new ministry opportunities, stepping out of your comfort zone for kingdom work, new places or opportunities, etc.) 

After that word was given to me, the Lord began to present different areas of ministry for me to bless his name, speaking at Tapestry on Saturday morning, worship opportunities, and most recently, the Thursday morning Women’s Bible Study to lead in worship.  As you may or may not know, there is nothing that I would rather do than lead worship and honor my Lord and minister and bless others.   

Then in September, another dear friend that I pray with each week, she said “I believe that October is going to be a very significant month for you.”  The Holy Spirit began to give her acronyms for the name “October.”  

As I began to meditate and spend time asking the Holy Spirit to show me, these are a few of the words and thoughts He gave to me: 

The word October in Hebrew – means 8.  8 means new beginnings.  He also gave me words/acronyms for each letter of October: 

Opening / Closing, Call/ Timing/ Obvious,Obedience, /Bell (voice of God/ Breakthrough / Everything, Evolve/ Revelation. I knew that God was going to do an amazing thing.  For all these years that I prayed for my husband and his salvation, I really felt it was for him and his journey.  But, God knew better. 

A couple weeks ago, I was invited to attend another church with a dear friend.  I didn’t know anyone at this church.  We walked into the sanctuary, and my spirit was instantly ministered to.  As we were standing and worshiping, the worship leader stopped before she started the next song.  She pointed directly to my friend and I and said to us, “I am not sure who you both are or where you are coming from, but God is calling you for His destiny and purpose in your life.  As you both walked into the sanctuary, I saw a pillar of fire above each of your heads.  It is a fire and passion for worship.  The Lord is opening new doors and He is calling you into His destiny.”  Wow.  I was blown away.  I began to weep.  I knew instantly that word was from the Holy Spirit.  The worship leader didn’t know me.  I didn’t know her.  It was God’s voice.  During the greeting and fellowship break, I walked up to her and thanked her for her powerful word that morning. I told her that I was a worship leader and visiting today. She stopped and said, “You are a worship leader?  I need to pray for you.  Is it ok that I pray for you?  I said, yes.”  She began to pray and prophesy over me again and declared that God was opening doors and the purpose and the destiny for my life.”  That would have been enough to know that the Holy Spirit was trying to get my attention!  At the close of the service before singing our last worship song, she called us out again and asked for my friend and I to walk up to the front of the church.  She explained that she was going to begin to play and prophesy over us with her keyboard. She said to “just rest in His presence and to be obedient to what the Holy Spirit is leading to you to do.”  I just began to worship and praise the Lord.  I began to sing in tongues and a new song that the Lord gave to me.  My voice was anointed with His power and glory.  That time was so beautiful!  I began to weep and cry. I knew that the Holy Spirit was saying to me, “Amy, this is where I am calling you. This is where I want you to learn to worship me in a new way.  This is the door that I am opening and I am closing another.” 

For those of you that know me and my heart, I listen and follow what the Holy Spirit is telling me…even if it is hard to do…to take me out of my comfort zone. The words that he gave me for October…were for me and not my husband!  

Opening/ Closing/Timing/Obedience and Obvious/Bell (voice of God)/ Everything/Revelation.  

The Lord is leading and guiding me to walk into a new door and I want to be obedient to His voice and direction. Words can’t even to begin to express what my heart is feeling at this time.  Excitement, sadness, and an overwhelming feeling of God’s love and kindness. I am so blessed and thankful to have been a part of a wonderful church family.  This church will always be my home and a very special part in my heart! May God continue to bless Living Water and fulfill His destiny and purpose.   

My prayer for each of you is that you continue to listen to His voice and allow Him to lead and guide you in the destiny and purpose that He has for you…even if it takes you out of your comfort zone and in places that are unfamiliar. When He leads you, he will give you everything that you need.  

This past week, I was able to have a wonderful conversation and share my heart with Pastor Isaac, Jenni and the worship leaders and team, in this new season ahead. I am excited for the new things that God has for each of us!

I know that He has Living Water in His hands.  Whenever God moves others out and on to other things for His purpose, he always restores and replaces with good or better than before. That is where my journey with Living Water Church began.  At the time, there were prayers being offered to bring worship musicians to Living Water Church.  The Lord took me from my previous church of 15+ years and to start a new season and journey here. What a journey that has been!  He has taught me so many things.  My relationship with Him has grown stronger, helped and prepared me for this next season! 

I ask for your blessing and release to go and allow the Lord to continue to work in each of our lives. Upon conversation with Pastor Isaac and Jenni, I will be done at Living Water Church at the end of November.    

I am so grateful for all that God has done through my time at Living Water.  

Blessings on your day.  

In His Love. 



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