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3 General Books

When I am not reading for Theological and Philosophical purposes (writing, debate, or preaching) I like to keep learning in other areas as well. Today I just finished three books. I was reading them a chapter a day (albeit missing most weekends). Reading outside of my research area, is fun and relaxing and sometimes allows me to be better informed in other areas. Here are the three books.

Retire Inspired, by Chris Hogan – This book is a great book if you need information on thinking about your retirement, regardless of your age. The author is connected with Dave Ramsey, and follows the same 7 Baby Steps, but then offers a whole lot more information on retiring well. A colleague gave this book to me.

Women with Money, by Jean Chatzky – This book was an enjoyable read, albeit it was directed at the females. I found it at the library and thought it could contribute to the book by Chris Hogan above. I also thought it might help me understand my wife a bit better as well. This was a nicely written book, that highlights some social inequalities between male and female income in the same jobs, but also the differences between the way many females interact with money compared with males. There is plenty of information regarding buying a house, spending fun money, saving for retirement, and taking care of your parents later in their lives.

168 Hours, by Laura Vanderkam – Laura, at the time of this writing, is a busy mother, wife, writer, and is highly involved in singing and planning choral based productions. This book is an evaluation of how we use our time. Laura writes to offer better ways of using our 168 hours in ways that please us and still get more done while not sacrificing family time. Laura recommends that we write down 100 dreams that we all have, both small and large. Personal, familial, religious, work, and more. Then, ask what are we doing to accomplish those great dreams of ours. Moreover, recommendation is to focus on our core competencies that will advance us in the areas that we most care about. We can always be stretched so thin, but when we evaluate what is stretching us, a lot of times these areas do not reflect our values. It is a worthwhile book to ponder how you use your time. One area that comes up again and again is how we use screens. Put them down and turn them off and you will have a lot more time!

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