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Circular Reason – No More :)

Sometimes we reason in a circle, but we shouldn’t. In other words, we begin with what we are trying to end with. Christians are often guilty of this when it comes to the Bible. Here is what some do.

“The Bible is true because it is God’s inspired book.” Well, it is the case that the Bible is true, but there is no proof offered in this statement. It is like saying the Bible is true because it is the Bible. We have to do something else to begin to prove the initial statement.

Let’s take it in even clearer directions to see the problem. “The Bible is true because the Bible says so.” Now, this is a clear form of the circular reasoning that we sometimes see and should avoid participating in. Again, the Bible does say that it is inspired (2 Timothy 3:16). However, that is not a good proof to a skeptic that it is so. Paul’s own grounding in writing that verse was hinting at how God had worked through the authors to bring about a product that is beneficial to God’s people.

Our job with the skeptic and with other Christians is to show if there are good reasons, outside of some authoritarian statement of belief, that a given belief is so. Here are a couple of ways to break the circle.

First, you could start off down a historical path. If the Bible lacks historical credibility where it really is trying to make historical points, then how could God inspire it? Isn’t God supposed to be truth? However, if one could find some great footing in showing the history of major sections of the Bible, it would at least lend greater weight to its claims.

Second, you could focus on Jesus Christ. If Jesus Christ is who he said he was, namely God in human flesh, and he said the Scriptures were God’s word to humanity, and thus without error, then we would have a divine/human person who has made it known to us. Christ himself is a powerful pathway outside of the circle.

Third, you could argue propositionally (as Richard Swinburne has) that if there is a God, he would seek to make himself known in two ways. The first is in a personal way. Coming in a way we all could understand (think of Jesus). The second is in a propositional way. Through a medium that is understandable. This would be the Bible. If it is the case that God would do something like this, then the grounds for an “inspired book” would be grounded in a philosophical sense. Namely, in the very nature of God, one who reveals himself.

As Christians we do believe the Bible is inspired. Yet our grounding for thinking the Bible is inspired is not based on circular reasoning. Let’s make sure our reasoning is solid, and to be so, we should not reason in a circle. 🙂

Pastor Isaac   

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