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Come Let Us Reason – LAWS of THOUGHT – Part 4

I am walking through the book “Come Let us Reason”  by Norman Geisler and Ronald Brooks. Enjoy!

Person A may say, “We do not need logic,” and they can list their many reasons why. But as soon as they do, they are trying to logically convince you against the need for logic. We call this a contradiction. Thus, their position cannot be true.

Person B might say, “Stop judging people, because that is bad.” But, the person who does this has made a judgment about your judgment. They are now judging when they said that judging is bad. They are contradicting themselves.

Person C may assert, “There is no truth.” But, as soon as they asserted such a statement they proved themselves wrong. For, they are asserting a truth. Namely, that there is no truth. This statement proves itself wrong. It is a contradiction.

All three of these statements are made regularly by people in the church and by people in the world. If everyone builds on the four “undeniable laws” of logic, they would protect themselves from these incorrect viewpoints.

LAW #1 – The Law of Non-Contradiction (A is not non-A) – This law says “that no two contradictory statements can both be true at the same time and in the same sense” (p. 16). The examples above prove this point.

There are others laws which we will state here, but I will not go into detail till later articles.

LAW #2 – The Law of Identity (A is A)

LAW #3 – The Law of the Excluded Middle (Either A or non-A)

LAW #4 – The Law of Rational Inference

Before worrying too much about these laws…take the rest of your day and evaluate the statements that people are making. Are any of them contradictory? For Example: I was chatting with a high schooler one time who after a lot of debate, I backed up and said we must start with truth. If truth does not exist, then why are we having this conversation? I asked him if truth existed and he said, “NO, it does not!” I then asked him back, “Are you telling the truth right now?” All of his friends who had gathered around began laughing, because they realized he contradicted himself by denying truth. He was not so sure, and we kept at it a while. Search out falsehood by using the laws of logic today!

Pastor Isaac

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