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“Come let us reason” Part 1

Blogging on the book “Come, let us Reason: An introduction to logical thinking” by Norman Geisler and Ronald Brooks.

“God is rational, and he has created us as rational beings” (Page. 7). This basic statement needs to be reaffirmed by countless Christians. As Christians we get so enamored with the power of God and the supposed simplicity of faith that we forget that God gave us minds to use. One of my favorite Bible verses is 1 Peter 3:15 which commands us to give reasons for the hope that we have…not feelings. 

Many Christians do not even see the connection between the mind and the heart. Yet Jesus clearly saw this connection when he gave us the greatest command which includes both heart and mind (Matthew 22:37). There are some who go around feeling to see where God is, but forgetting that we have God at his word in Scripture. Experience drives so many in the Christian church, but we must not forget that it has been considered the least authoritative in the life of the church.

Not all thinking is correct thinking. And as Geisler and Brooks point out, logic is the discipline that corrects false or incorrect thinking (page 7). If someone tells you that your beliefs are illogical, you cannot turn around and say, “Just have faith.” Their point is that your beliefs are false. You must do a better job than a “knee jerk” ‘faith’ reaction. Can you show someone else that their beliefs are illogical?

At this point some may say that we are not supposed to be ‘argumentative.’  And, if by getting blue in the face and yelling at one another is what argumentative means, then I agree. But, argumentative may also mean the exchanging of ideas to see who is correct. Geisler and Brooks accurately point out that if something is unreasonable or illogical, it cannot be true and therefore is not from the God of truth (p. 7).

The authors also point out that there is a clear emphasis on feeling over thinking in our day. Although there are no direct statistics pointed out in this book, there is plenty of evidence for this in other evaluations similar to Allen Blooms, “The Closing of the American Mind.” As Christians we are not just feeling and sensing beings, we are thinking beings, which is part of the image of God. Moreover, clear thoughts should guide wiggly emotions. This is why we so desperately need good logic in the body of Christ.

Now…to close Part 1, let’s say that you are challenged by a person who says, “Don’t think, feel.” What are you going to say? Well, you could point out that their statement requires some thought and thus the person does not really mean what they are saying. 😊 Anyway…think logically and keep watch for more posts!

Pastor Isaac

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