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COVID-19 Update: Wednesday, March 25th

Important Information and Links:Church’s Official Information Channels:– Each and every week if you go to the website you will find other links (most of which at the top of the page). Most importantly, each weeks' sermon and other videos will always be at the top of the page. There is and has been much more on our website as well, so feel free to explore beyond the front page.

YouTube Channel: Here is the link to ourYouTube channel. You can come back to this Splash email every Sunday if you want and click this link if that is the easiest way for you to find it. Also, make sure you SUBSCRIBE! To “subscribe” all you have to do is click the “subscribe” button (just below the video on the right) when you are watching a sermon or mid-week video. When you subscribe, you will have updates from our YouTube channel when we post new videos up. Please look at the picture below with the red circle. Hope this helps you find the subscribe button.

Giving #1: Our online giving solution is secure, but it has been a little bit cumbersome for those getting on the first time. We are sorry for this and are working on an easier solution. However, until then, you are still welcome to give online at this location here.

If you have not set up an account yet, please do. If you cannot finish the process because the system says an administrator needs to approve the new email, then we will make sure it is approved soon so you can finish the process. Be on the look out for more options soon. Giving #2: You can still give in the mail! If you send your check or gift directly to the church, we will receive it and make sure checks are deposited. Our Church address is:

Living Water Church 3075 Prospect Drive Sun Prairie, WI 53590 Church Emails: If you want to get a hold of me (the Pastor), my email is . If you want to call me, my cell phone number is 608-548-3854. If you want to get a hold of Vachelle the Administrative Assistant who handles most of the internal communications and information to groups, please write to her at Church Hours: Vachelle is still going to be at church periodically to check and make sure information has gotten to the correct groups (this is all allowed by the state). However, given digital options and the ‘work from home’ requirements in general, she will be doing more digital time at home making sure emails, website, YouTube, Facebook, and more are all up to date. Mid-Week Videos: By Wednesday of every week, we are publishing more video content. This will at first include short videos from our Great Divorce study. I highly encourage you to participate in the YouTube videos and make comments as you desire. I will be commenting back. The first two videos of the Great Divorce are already up on our channel and the direct links are here.

Worship and Sunday School:  We are working on portions of worship as well as short videos for Sunday school and even more. Please keep on the lookout for these additions to our Sunday morning and ‘throughout the week’ programming. Facebook Page:  We keep our Facebook page as up to date as possible. And, it is also another avenue of finding important links to the sermons and studies etc. If you have not liked us already, then please do. A Note on Misinformation: With all of the regular changes in Wisconsin to the guidelines on Coronavirus, it would help us all to be well informed. In every class in college, we were told that Primary sources trumped secondary sources. In other words, find who actually said what, rather than what someone was repeating from someone else. I think the same goes for today. Here is a link to the official new requirements. I highly encourage the read so we can all be spreading better information to our neighbors and friends about what is cancelled and what is not.

Pastor Isaac 

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