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December 19th In Person and LIVE STREAM!

Dear Living Water Church, WE are offering in both IN-PERSON and LIVE STREAM options this Sunday! We did take off in-person services last Sunday (December 12th), but we are in-person this December 19th and onward. If you have heard anything else, it is incorrect. In-Person is on. :) Also, we highly recommend everyone to follow the health departments guidelines. You already know them...wear masks, keep some distance (hug in the spirit :)), etc. find a vaccine that works for you, etc. etc. In-Person Services are at 8:30am and 10:30am! LIVESTREAM is only offered at the 10:30am service. For the Live Stream at 10:30am click this link After the Live Service - If you want to take part in worship after the live stream takes place, then click this link for any other time of the day after the 10:30am service finishes. We will see you all soon! -Pastor Isaac

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