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Evidence Matters 1 – Cases Examined

There is a quote I once heard by Cecilia Payne that if your evidence is good and your logic is clear then you should stick with your conclusion. This has often challenged me to be more honest with my evidence, but once I have my evidence and have done the necessary checking, then I seek ways to show my conclusion as being true. There are some helpful principles that we can keep in mind to keep us honest with our views. 

Ask how many cases were examined? For instance, if someone says, “All Christians have had a certain experience,” are they really trying to say “all?” Instead, their statement can be drastically qualified to say, “Many Christians I know have had this experience.” However, if someone else comes forward and has done a fair assessment of Christians in general and their results are different, then we should go with the wider and fairer assessment. The point here is that the more cases studied, the better probability that the conclusion is accurate. As humans, we often do unfair and narrow assessments of a given subject. We find those who typically already agree with us and then we let them bolster our already hardened opinions. But, we could all use to be a bit more honest with ourselves. 

I remember years ago someone had said, “Lots of people are saying…” It was in reference to something taking place at the church we were going to at the time. The problem with this statement is two-fold. First, sometimes this phrase is used as a way of getting one’s way. The point is, that if many people are talking about the issue, then that must mean those many people are right and leadership should take action. Obviously, even if many people were talking about something it would not mean that they are right. However, the second major issue with this ends up being inflation. Likely, the “lot” stands for a few, and thus not a lot. Upon asking people “who are these many people talking?” The list is usually one or two people. Thus, in the end even the complainer can usually realize there is no case after all.  

At the end of the discussion about science, religion, or even someone’s mouth vomit 🙂 feel free to ask “How many cases?” or “Who is this referring to?” It makes everyone a lot more honest with their positions. 

Pastor Isaac

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