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Missions and Muslims

In the video link below, my Muslim friend Nazam Guffoor outdid a Christian who was trying to witness to him. We have to give the Christian credit for being willing to converse with others about his faith, but he was so ill prepared. The Christian was left scratching his head and looking a bit foolish. While the Nazam was calm, prepared, and in the end victorious. He even knew the Christian’s Bible better than the Christian did. Check it out here.

To be sure there are many good Christian-Muslim debates and evangelism taking place around the world. I highly suggest taking a look at Nabeel Qureshi (someone that Nazam Guffoor from above has actually debated before). Nabeel became a Muslim and offers many materials to help the Christian be better prepared.

I think that our takeaway from the first video is that Christians simply need to be better prepared to answer questions about the Bible and also be conversant regarding the Quran and Islam. In the West there is sometimes this assumption that religions are all alike. This misunderstanding of religions actually can lead to a lack of education about them. With 1.8 Billion Muslims in the world I think Christians could spend some time learning about their biggest conversation partner for as long as the ‘statistics’ can see.

-Pastor Isaac

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