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Point / Counterpoint

Hello Living Water Church,

I am excited to share with you two position essays on if we should or should not go to the March (which is today) in Madison. I take the Pro-side of the discussion and Bruce Fischer takes the Con-side of the discussion.

Let me begin by admitting the complexity of ethical decision making, and I think it is better of us to read both positions and make up our own minds about what we should or should not do under God. There is room for both views.

Truly, as Bruce and I chatted about this project (over the last 24 hours), and I read his work. I was truly experiencing an existential moment. As a Pastor, I have noticed two of the things that have plagued Christianity in the West (at the church level at least) is two things. 1st - is a freedom of thought, and 2nd - challenging intellectual material. This 'project' is something we need more of.

As this came together, it hit me...this is exactly the kind of church I hope to be a part of and I think accurately expresses the intentions of the classical Christianity. Having people think through their faith and what is the best way to live. Bruce is an upstanding man (his whole family is upstanding), and he has long been a preacher and teacher at Living Water Church. He also worked to achieve his Master's in Divinity from the Kings University. Anyone who has gone for an MDIV knows this is no small feat.

At a personal level, Bruce is my friend and confidant. I go to him for thoughtful counsel on a host of topics. We discuss books together and I think we need more of him in the world.

Enjoy both perspectives!

Here are both of the links to each perspective.

Isaac Fleming's

Bruce Fischer's

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