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Science and Faith – Pt. 1

In my Christian life there have been numerous topics that come up for discussion. One of the most brought up, questioned, and wondered about topics that I have participated in with others has been ‘science and faith.’ There are all sorts of questions that relate to this discussion.

In the last year I have sat down with many students and processed the questions together. My goal has been to help them to see how the two streams of faith and science may go together. Moreover, my litmus test on these subjects doctrinally speaking is “What has the church taught through the centuries?” If the church has had some major focus points of agreement, we should hold to that agreement. Moreover, if the church has allowed freedom to think what we want about certain matters, then we should also allow that freedom.

After processing the questions about science and faith, the comments that I receive typically go like this, “I was not sure if my brain could ever come to harmony on these topics” or “I am just so happy that God himself could encourage me in the sciences.” Each of these conversations were from students who love God but also love science. The church needs to do a better job about having open and honest conversations about science and faith. We need to encourage young people in the sciences.

Recently, I was at a conference where there were three scientists who received their PHD’s and are working in various fields. Each of them loved science and I found out later that each of them loved God. They were Christians. I think we need to continually highlight examples like these three women. We need to give our young people a chance to meet them and hear from them and others, so that they can know that Christians have a lot to offer the sciences and science has a lot to offer humanity.

Perhaps one good starting place for Christians is to get immersed in what Genesis would have meant when it was first written near the time of Moses 3500 years ago. Here is a good video that can be our starting point.

-Pastor Isaac

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