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To create a Church Center Account:

Living Water utilizes Church Center for our church management software.

​To make an offering, you will need to create a profile.


Here's how:

  • Please go to

  • Enter your cell phone number.  A code will be texted to you to log into your account.

  • Enter the six digit code.

  • If you are already set up in the system, it will recognize you.  For example, you might see a “Log in as Sally” button. 

  • If it is you, click that button to log in. 

  • If it isn’t you, click the "Not You" link to create your account.

  • From here, please click on "Profile", and edit any basic information that is incorrect or is missing. 

  • You can now set up your giving by clicking the "Give" button, adding your bank, credit or debit card information, and setting up your giving options.


If you have any questions or need any help, contact Lyn at or 608-834-9899.  


Thank you for your offering and being part of our church family.

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