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10 Things the Resurrection is NOT

1. The resurrected Christ was not a Ghost/Spirit.

2. The resurrection was not a resuscitation.

3. The resurrection was not a reincarnation.

4. The resurrection did not release his soul from a bodily prison.

5. The resurrection is not an enlightenment, nirvana, or Moksha. He was not reabsorbed back into the ONE or divine Oneness.

6. The resurrection was not a translation or assumption into heaven.

7. The resurrection was not a vision from God or any hallucination.

8. The resurrection was not a legend. Namely, it was not appended to the story of Jesus later on, or made up by humans to improve the memory of Jesus. The resurrection has always been the proclamation of the earliest witnesses.

9. The resurrection was not a myth. Myth actually can be a valid literature category for ancient literature, even religious literature. It is sometimes used to communicate a deep truth through local events, cultures, customs and people. Thus, the events in a myth may or may not be true or totally true, but meaning of the Myth may be true. However, in our day, sometimes people say the resurrection is a myth, in order cast doubt on the events after the empty tomb. These persons usually want to say that the myth of the resurrection is something that early and primitive people clung to for help in order to make sense of the world around them. And since then, (they want to say) that we have given up such superstition and are enlightened without myths. However, this was never the character of the events, documents, and witnesses of the resurrected Christ (see 2 Peter 1:16).

10. The resurrection was not and is not a symbol for self-improvement. Sometimes, various scholars who start to distance themselves from Christianity, have made the claim that even if all the miracles and stories of the Bible never happened, we should still have faith in the symbol of the resurrection. This is poor thinking indeed. If Christ is not risen, we are misrepresenting God, and we are still in our sins (see 1 Corinthians 15).

Soure: The source for all of these ten points comes from Peter Kreefts and Ronald K. Taccelli book, "Handbook of Christian Apologetics." Some of the comments on the points are mine. I highly recommend the book!

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