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Covid-19 Update for LWC

Dear Living Water Church,

As the weeks ahead unfold, you will notice more and more people not wearing masks and being less cautious about distancing. June 2nd has come, which means Dane County only has recommendations and not mandates.

What that means for us as a Church is pretty much what it means for everyone else in Dane County.

The CDC outlines that if you are fully vaccinated you no longer need to wear a mask in most settings. In case any of you are wondering, Vachelle and I have both been vaccinated. Besides some chills the first night, I got through with no trouble, and Vachelle had nothing at all. 😊

I also would ask that everyone respect each other and where they are at on the subject of “masks” and “distancing” etc. If anyone wants to wear a mask, even after getting vaccinated, they are free to do so. Everyone has their own reasons for masking or not and we don’t need to judge. I for one will not be checking everyone’s reasons at the door.

There are still important things to do, things we all have been trying to practice for over a year now. If you are sick, then stay home. Wash your hands regularly. Respect other’s preferences etc.

Much love to you all as we emerge from Corona history.

The official CDC info can be found here.

Pastor Isaac

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