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Creation and Design

My sermon series is nearing its completion regarding Genesis 1-11. The flood provides the bulk of the last few chapters, with Babel finishing things off. However, there have been lots of great conversations on the subjects covered in previous weeks and I wanted to provide some resources for you to dig deeper on your own time.

By way of reminder, I personally advocated for a very old earth/universe (current estimates are above 14 billion), where human beings are on a pathway to maturity in Christ through the centuries, and the great flood was a regional flood in a location that experienced many massive floods. Even though views like these have been around for centuries, American popular Christianity seems to be near bullied by Young Earth Creationist groups outlawing such perspectives. Most Christians I meet often don’t know there are other options from Jesus-loving and Bible-loving Christians. Here are some great resources to discover more about the Bible, age of the universe, ancient peoples and the flood. Don’t just read the articles that agree with your position. Make sure to read those that take a different perspective as well. Make sure to take a taste of each perspective.

Creational / Theistic Evolution This is a great website covering all kinds of questions from competent scientists, pastors, and philosophers. The link “common questions” near the top right brings up many of the most asked questions about the meaning of the days, evolution, the flood, etc. Check it out!

Also, depending how you were raised, you might not even think Theistic Evolution is allowed. Some years ago, I wrote a paper to a parent whose son was thinking in that direction. Christians certainly are allowed, and this paper shows the theology behind that.

Intelligent Design - - The intelligent design movement is at odds with theistic evolution. In fact, it is their chief end to advocate against it. The movement however is quite sold on an ancient universe with a start at the Big Bang. The movement does engage with Scripture, but its focus is if evolution can account for irreducible complexity. They think not. The site has plenty of good articles that relate into the biological side of things.

Reasonable Faith - - This is the website for the great philosopher/theologian William Lane Craig. A lot of his work the last two years has focused on whether Adam and Eve were real persons and if so, how long ago. Working through Scripture, genetics and fossils of ancient homosapiens and Neanderthals, there is plenty to learn. Craig’s work is very significant on a number of other subjects, especially his work on the resurrection and the existence of God. You will likely never exhaust all that is offered on this site.

Reasons - -This site was founded by the astrophysicist Hugh Ross (a Christian), which offers some kind of progressive creational perspective of sorts. If I am correct, Ross is skeptical of biological evolution in the macro sense, but wholeheartedly advocates for the Big Bang and stellar development through long ages. His work on the proof for the Big Bang is massive. Moreover, he offers some possible explanations for how a global flood could have taken place assuming it took place about 30,000 years ago. If you just scroll down on the front page you will see the top ten questions about science and the Bible. A lot to learn.

The good news for the Christian is that there are options. Enjoy digging deeper everyone! Once again, if anyone has any questions about these topics, my email is

-Pastor Isaac

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