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New Sunday Summer Format

Updated: Jul 22


IF YOU ARE SICK – stay home. Keep them germs to yourself. 😊 IF IT RAINS - We will meet indoors with masks on for both services.

SIGN UP NOW - If you have not signed up for our outdoor services yet, NOW is the time.  We need this figured out before Sunday morning. Pronto. You can also just call Vachelle or myself, and we will get you on the list. FIRST SERVICE (8:30am) - is generally a 60 years of age and older service, or those with pre-existing conditions. The point of this is to make sure there is extra level of protection for those we should be most concerned about. If you have questions about if you can come to this service, just give us a call. But, we trust you. Get signed up! We will have plenty of space at this service. All sign-ups are currently good to go. SECOND SERVICE (10:30am) – Is welcome to all, even children. MASKS - Masks are not required, but they are certainly allowed and encouraged for those who want to. NO SUNDAY SCHOOL/NURSERY - There will be no Sunday School or Nursery, but in the second service, Cheryl (our Sunday School director) will be sharing a short message with the children. WHAT TO BRING - This is an outdoor service….if you want, you can bring your own 

  •  No one has to bring a chair, as we have chairs. However, some people may prefer to bring their own chairs, and we encourage you to do what you think is best.

  • A jacket (in case it is cooler)

  • We will have water bottles available, but if you want more than water (Coffee) then you need to bring it. NO HUGGING- There is no hugging or shaking at these services. SPACING- Our spacing will actually exceed the recommended spacing requirements by the state. We will have white circles spray painted on the lawn. Find a circle when you come. They will be big enough for a family, but an individual can have one to themselves as well. MUSIC - If you want to sing along, you can get the music sheet, which will be available for pickup at the service. However, we will be offering a link on the website to the songs. You can just open the songs right from your phone and sing along. QUESTIONS - If you have questions, call Vachelle (608-479-2329) or myself (608-548-3854) so we can get your questions answered right away.


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