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One World Government? Part 1

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

My first two years of college were at a small Pentecostal Bible College. The people were wonderful and our mission outreach in the city was unprecedented. I loved my experience at this school. It also afforded me an opportunity to jump into the End Times discussion. The pervasive view was revealed in sermons, classes, and conversations. The prevailing narrative was that God would rapture (take up to heaven) his church (people) before a tribulation (time of testing) that was to come upon the earth. Moreover, Satan would unify the governments of the world so that he could control the earth. The teachers and students were in the ‘know’ of how this would unfold with great specificity. One leader would unite all the nations or at least most of the nations of the world, and this would be a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. Moreover, this would happen under the auspices of peace. Even more, this government would forcibly implant a chip in the hands or foreheads of all the world. The chip would control all trade, but would also force all people to worship this singular bad guy/girl leader. Some of you are likely very familiar with these lines of thought, but for others it might be new.

As an 18 year old who had only read the Bible two times at that point, I was unsure what to think about this understanding of the End Times. It was foreign to me at some level, especially the strength by which all its adherents held to it. Even more surprising was to find out that literally millions of people held views like these. Tim Lahaye’s incredibly popular fiction books, the “Left Behind Series” seems to have been some of the fuel for spreading these views. One could also go to other popular Bible teachers. The end of time in general receives a lot of fanfare. The confidence in ‘exactly’ what is going to happen draws crowds, sells books, and animates lots of people. But are the views true to the writings of the Apostles and the Teachings of Jesus?

A quick note before I move on. I am not dealing with the teaching of the rapture in these posts. However, they are connected in some ways. Therefore, I am posting some short videos on the subject from a great Bible scholar and preacher of the Gospel. I wholeheartedly agree with these videos from a very credible source.

Moving on: In my “Eschatology Class” (End Times Class) at this school, we were given an assignment. We had to put together a number of articles/stories in magazines or newspapers that showed that the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT was drawing nigh. Namely, that the enemy was lurking behind the scenes and bringing about the global government.

Once we knew what to look for, the assignment was very easy. I swiftly found articles where Christian denominations were working together organizationally. Where the Pope invited a Muslim cleric for peace talks in the Middle East. I found numerous articles on how nations were teaming together for some common goal and more. If we agreed that Satan was bringing everything together for his purposes, then we should actually be able to see that the source of these actions were not God, but Satan. These were the maneuverings of the enemy to bring about a unity against Jesus Christ. Everyone who cooperated with the rules of the assignment passed with flying colors. It seemed the One World Government was imminent.

The assignment however highlights four major problems. 1st – For this assignment we were not allowed to find any one of the endless articles that disagreed with the view. 2) The view assumes that any peace talk/movement in the world was actually a bad thing. 3) It proved only what it assumed already. For example. When I was younger and riding the bus, it was very easy for all the students to find Volkswagon Beetles on the road. It was easy because it helped our cause in the game, “Slug-Bug” from which we could punch our friends. After a while, there must have been hundreds of Bugs on the road because everyone was hitting everyone. Or, it was easy to fudge the data for a conclusion that helped us punch others :) That brings us to the fourth reason. 4) The whole class assumed this view point without proving that this was actually taught in the Bible in the first place. There was no hard Bible study to find out if it was true.

Before going forward, I want to highlight some other pieces of the puzzle that keep going along with the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT narrative by some groups today. The pieces of the puzzle often include these other key elements to help build an aura of likelihood around the idea.

1. A computer chip has been made that is just awaiting the implant phase. I have even heard people go as far to say that they know the warehouse that the chips are being stored in, “they are just waiting deployment.” We of course do live in a time of great technology. However, the funny thing about the pictures shown in these preachers presentations is that they are some 20-30 years behind the current technology that we have. Imagine if they were aware of how far technology has come. They would really be scared :)

2. The Catholic Church is the Anti-Christ or is a major player in the works of the final Anti-Christ. Most Protestants are deeply skeptical of Catholicism, which helps play into some of them gladly accepting whatever anyone says about Catholicism, even if it is terribly wrong. Before or after the “chip” discussion, I can usually count on a “catholic church” accusation. I actually noticed how one of these “End times” authors, publishes a new book for every new Pope, making all the same arguments that they applied to the last Pope. These replays should clue us in to their lack of substance. Moreover, these are highly suspicious books which are not grounded on the facts of the Catholic Church today. If you want to know what Catholics believe, one should read the Catholic Catechism...which by the way, is a great document on theology.

3. The latest billionaire (George Soros, Bill Gates, and whoever they target next) is deeply affecting current policy and elected officials who will then bring together the one world government and the implanting of these chips. Recently even Bill Gates heard about these murmurings. After some confusion, he thought it was a bit amusing. We should be careful to tie in the rich and powerful. I like to ask, “How much do you know about Bill Gates?” Moreover, these posts on Facebook or on videos are not well researched and constantly betray the “connection fallacy.”

4. THE U.N. and the European Union are explicit evidence that Satan is succeeding in this One World Government. Back when these unions were forming, perhaps they looked like signs of the times to people with the view expressed in the opening paragraph. Namely, that nations and institutions were coming together. Our current world is different than when these institutions and agreements were first made. Today, these same two cases could be good evidence against the One World Government. A case in point is Brexit. Right before our eyes we are watching separation, not unification. China is another case, right now there is tension between China and a host of other countries (Australia, Thailand, America, Great Britain, and more). Is this supposed to help in the assessment.

So I ask, is the teaching that there will be a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT led by the Anti-Christ or some pawn of his, really a Biblical Teaching? Is it true? Is it healthy?

Next week we will attack 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12 which is the primary text used to prove this idea. However, over the next week I want you to ask yourself these questions.

Is the above outline of End Times your belief?

Are your beliefs on these subjects found in the Bible or just in popular imagination?

If I think they are in the Bible where does Jesus talk about them? Paul? John? Peter? Etc.

Why does each generation claim such clear knowledge on such fuzzy topics as the future?

For now, all I submit on this topic, is that the above understanding of a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT is flawed and in need of some good early Christian correction.

See you next week for part 2.

Pastor Isaac

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