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Sunday Service Format - Update

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Each week more of our congregation receives their vaccines. It is so exciting to see persons I have not seen in a long time. For sure, they mention that have been seeing me each Sunday online. I wish I could see everyone through the camera! :) As a Pastor I have validated and encouraged each person to do what is best for them and their family, and I will continue to do so as the months unfold ahead. Still, as you are thinking about re-entry after getting your vaccine, or just want to know how everything works around here, then this write up will help.

8:30 and 10:30 services - Both services are offered IN PERSON. Both services are now welcome to all ages. 10:30 service will continue to be live streamed. At least as of now, we have no plans of stopping live streaming even when we are all back in-person. This has become a real ministry to our members but also to many others too.

Sunday School - Cheryl and many other volunteers offer an in-person Sunday School at BOTH services, as well as online for those at home. Cheryl and team have everything figured everything out. To be sure, if you come for the first time some Sunday, and do not feel comfortable with your child going to Sunday School (as you just start coming back) that is just fine. Still, these classes have been going great for months with very clear direction on spacing, washing, and more!

Here are some of the things that we do to stay safe and yet still come together in the building.

  1. Sick? - If you are sick, just stay home.

  2. Handwashing - We have hand sanitizer placed all throughout the building. Use it when you come in, when you use the bathroom, and use it everywhere. :)

  3. Communion - We have individual communion wafers and cups.

  4. Respect The Bubble - Imagine that everyone has a bubble around them. We are not hugging or kissing (does anyone give the 'holy kiss' in our congregation? If so, I haven't seen it : ) ). I understand that some people feel more lenient on this score than others. As much as we ask everyone to follow this principle, it is also important that if someone is in your space in a way that does not feel comfortable to you, then please speak up and let them know. "No thanks" is always a helpful way of telling someone you don't want their germs.

  5. Mask Wearing - We are following our Government's guidelines to wear masks in our gatherings. Please note: Speakers and singers are allowed to take their masks off during speech/song acts.

  6. Afterwards - In between services as well as after events, we clean the surfaces of chairs, bathrooms, railings, door knobs, and more. If anyone would ever like to help with this on Sundays or otherwise, just put some gloves on and grab some wipes. We have a location upstairs and downstairs to facilitate easy access to cleaning products.

Much love and hope to see you soon!

-Pastor Isaac

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